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Our Identity
     We are the Beckley Presbyterian Church, a traditional downtown church in Appalachia learning how to minister in a non-traditional time. We have a rich history and a myriad of accomplishments. Our worship, education, and preaching are all Bible-based.
     The congregation consists of talented, caring, friendly people who have a strong desire to help those less fortunate.  We accept and encourage people from diverse populations to join with us in celebrating the glory of God.
     We are open to change while holding onto certain values and traditions.  We are willing to change for something that brings us in line with God's desires, but not just for the sake of change.  We are called to reach out and accept people of all ages, races, socioeconomic backgrounds, and diverse beliefs, recognizing that we can disagree, while showing compassion and tolerance.
Our Theological Affirmation
We believe in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. 
We believe that worship is for praising God, a time to commune and give thanks.
We believe in the power of prayer and the fact that God will guide us in the right direction.
We believe that God is here to give life and renew life,
enabling people to hear God's message through scripture,
adopting us as God's own through baptism,
nourishing us, and
calling us to boldly minister to the world.
Our Mission
The mission of Beckley Presbyterian Church is to glorify God through the nurturing and equipping of our congregation to manifest our faith throughout God's creation with love, joy, hope, and open hearts.
We are called by God to utilize our gifts and talents to continue our service to all people.
We are called to educate our congregation and community about God's word and his expectations of us as his people.
We are called to continue and expand our service in the community, to strengthen our Christian Education and Youth Programs, and to take an individual and corporate "leap of faith" with regard to commitment, both monetarily and spiritually.
We are called to reach out to those in need of God's word and invite them into his fold. 
We are called to expand God's church and be a witness to his greatness through deeds of love and compassion and by offering opportunities for the non-churched to hear about God.
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