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- A Weekly Message -





Rev. Jim Burton


Dear Friends,   I believe for us to be in God’s will is an easy thing. Yet we stray or take detours all the time. So let me ask you, dear ones, have you really opened up to God, lately?


This is what I mean. Before the daily disasters or successes, have you opened up to God? What might it be like to open up before God, and in the silence of the early morning day, allow God to touch your soul’s desires and your dreams? What would it feel like to have God examine your frustrations and mistakes or triumphs?


Now this is HUGE, as the television ads say. God is not simply the magical Santa Claus that answers our requests. We are not a people who only do good things. God is our Sovereign, and we are God’s, our Sovereign’s people. We individually have been trusted with a “soul on board.” We need to know more about forgiveness, healing, mercy, and repentance. We need the experience of these blessings as they come from God.


This amounts to being before our Sovereign. Every now and then, when my cell phone rings, I wish that it was God calling to chat. God has a better way but I am required to take the time. My Sovereign wants me silent, in prayer, awaiting direction and instruction and holy comfort. This is spiritually the form of being prostrate before the Lord. It is a marvelous healing place to be!


 This is a prayer by theologian and writer Christoph Friedrich Blumhardt. I believe it is a mystic’s prayer and I invite you to use it before our Sovereign.   


Lord God, we thank you that every day – through good days and through days that to us seem bad – we know that our lives are guided by your will, what you do and what you want. For this we thank you. We want to love you above everything in the world. Our hearts long for you, for you are our Father. We want to love and honor you with our whole lives. Lord our God, bring your order into the world. Help us at all times to do your will and to fulfill your commandments. Amen.  


O Lord our Lord, how majestic you are! I thank God for you!


Pastor Jim





 While we do not read all of the Lectionary passages during Sunday Worship,

your experience can be enhanced by reading the suggested

scriptures in preparation for worship.


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