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- A Weekly Message -





Bill Hartling



"What the Heck is Going on?"

February 15, 2017 Pipe Line   


Recently I spent over two days sitting in rooms around the church pretending this was the first time I had ever been in our church; kind of like a new minister would see the church for the first time. What I found was a “tired old church.”


The Friendship Hall desperately needed painting, as well as the rooms in the Education Building. Rooms and cabinets need cleaned out. We need to have a central place to store items. They are currently all over the place. The floors need cleaned and polished.


I presented this idea to the Session at the last meeting. Several people volunteered to take on specific projects. Mac Tieche volunteered to take on the Witherspoon Room, including changing the table and chairs with the table and chairs from the library. Patricia Lester and I will work on Janice’s old office. I am painting Friendship Hall. Betsy Gilmer took the choir room including going through all the choir robes and folders. I will take on the Blue Room at the top of the stairs in the Ed Building. Ann Worley will take on the youth room and the Sunday School room next door. Peggy White is taking on the restroom upstairs in the Ed Building. Karen Reed is doing the Chapel. Ross Hageman is going to work on cleaning up the sound system area.


If you or your committee has items stored in cabinets or elsewhere, you need to go through the process of cleaning out old stuff and straightening up what you need to store. Anything we no longer need or don’t use, we need to move out of the church.


If you would like to help with any projects (there are more than those listed) let me know. Let’s make Beckley Presbyterian Church look like the vibrant church we know that it is.


 While we do not read all of the Lectionary passages during Sunday Worship,

your experience can be enhanced by reading the suggested

scriptures in preparation for worship.





Dr. Charles Chandler

Director of Music



"The Last Page"

February 1, 2017 Pipe Line   


I don’t read for pleasure nearly as much as I thought I would at my age, but when I see a book authored by John Irving, I can’t resist it. Mostly, because he is an artist with words, and his characters speak to me like they were my next-door-neighbor. In fact, some-times I have to remind myself that these characters are fictional.


My favorite book of all times is A Prayer for Owen Meany, authored by Irving. I first read this book on a camping trip in the Smoky Mountains with Judy. I was at one end of the camper and she was at the other. I was laughing so hard that I was shaking the trailer. She knew full well that I didn’t usually laugh out loud while reading, so she came to check on me, asking me what on earth I was reading. By the time she got to me, I was openly weeping. Now, that is my kind of book, switching emotions with no warning, and bringing out the best and worst of reactions almost simultaneously.


When I read for pleasure, I don’t read fast. I want to enjoy every word. And, I was doing just that when I realized that I had only two pages before I finished the book. I wasn’t ready to say good-bye, yet I had to have closure on such a wonderfully artistic piece of literature. I slowed my reading pace to a crawl. I savored each word, one at a time. Pausing at the end of each sentence…. And, when I turned the last page, I was overcome by emotion. Overcome by the last scene, and overcome by the fact that I was saying good-bye to the characters, even though they would be a part of me for the rest of my life.


So it is as I approach February 5, 2017. I’ve shared many times that I only came to BPC to be a temporary organist until a permanent one was found. In retrospect, I have blamed Tim Waugh for knowing full well that I would fall in love with the church. When Teresa left, I saw another opportunity, and I had enjoyed my time at Beckley Presbyterian so much the first time, that I came back for the sequel.


And here we are, turning the last page. I assure you that most of my time here has been full of laughter and enjoyment. Only a few times was I sad enough to weep. And, I also as-sure you that I have savored each moment, each service and each musical offering. Nothing, however, prepares you for the last sentence and the last period, even the fact that the members of Beckley Presbyterian Church will be a part of me for the rest of my life.


Charles Chandler, Ed. D.

                                                                                                     Director of Music


 While we do not read all of the Lectionary passages during Sunday Worship,

your experience can be enhanced by reading the suggested

scriptures in preparation for worship.


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